Friday, December 17, 2010

The $11 Million Dollar Tree...

The world's most expensive christmas tree in Abu Dhabi, at the Emirates Palace Hotel...
Adorned with 131 ornaments, including gold, diamonds, sapphires and precious stones ~

What do you think? Over the top, or a girl's dream?

My tree's only bling comes from Swarovski, but I love it...

School's out! My orders are almost all in ~ Time to get out and visit you all again!


photos : Hussein Malla, Yahoo News


  1. I saw a story about this on the news. Crazy!

  2. That is SOME tree! Enjoy your Christmas, Nathalie! xo

  3. HI Nathalie, i seem to have miss placed your address could you email it to me again and I will send the book today. My apologies system brakedown here!! Carla x

  4. Wow! I would like to see that tree in Abu Dabi up close. They probably have to have security guards stand watch over the ornaments. I'd love too see your tree.


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