Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

My sweet little angel Lorenzo turns 7 tomorrow ~ A knights and princess party will be thrown by the Queen to celebrate this occasion. Somehow the transition from 6 to 7  is huge, momentous. I feel my little cherub sliding off into "Dude" world like his big brother, who can barely hug or kiss his mom  anymore. I am not the hugest fan of aging for myself, but for this reason alone, of seeing my "baby" grow up, I truly wish I could stop the clock...even just for a little bit!
Things have been crazy of late, school Thanksgiving parties, my wonderful Grandmother arrived from wintry Ontario for the 2 months she stays with us, I have this party to get together in a hurry, and Dolce Dreams is going very strong for the holidays ~ So I apologize for being a bit absent lately to all of you delightful friends out there. Oh and  did I neglect to mention that my computer crashed the other about a stresser! Sad that I am so dependent on it, and using my son's just wasn't cutting it...all new parts and I am back to business thanks to my ever supportive husband that I love...
I hope that life is not too crazy for you all out there...

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That transition is tough for a mother. Good thing you have a thriving business to distract you! I picked up on the fact that you have a visitor from Ontario. Does that mean you come this way sometimes?

  2. Awww...lump in my throat. Happy birthday to my beloved God son!

  3. Your little cherub is so handsome!!! can't wait for you to share the pics - sounds like a magical party!!

    Yeah, you will have your Grandmother with you. She is most smart to leave the cold of Ontario behind. It is gloomy, damp and wet in the countryside outside of Toronto....

    hugs.. HHL


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