Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Bath...

Isn't this custom antiqued mirror tub to die for ? I adore mirrors, especially the antiqued aged ones, so for me this would be the ultimate coup d'etat for my girlie room. Add in a matching dressing room/ closet, and I would never come out ~ unless to visit the kitchen, my other favorite room! to see more of this Grand Residence in London, peruse the Nov/Dec issue of Veranda.

The vanity is also custom designed to go with the tub.
I hope your week is starting off with a blast! I have been on a treadmill at full speed, with no time  to visit, but I will be out soon visiting! Miss you all,

photos by Simon Upton in Veranda


  1. Nathalie ... this is one serious suite of photos .... all that is missing is some tea and scones and I would not leave...xo HHL

  2. Perfectly lovely! Call me when the tea and scones are ready. I'll be right over.

  3. When we first moved into our house, we had no mirrors up for a month or so. It was very disorienting, never seeing yourself. It almost felt like I didn't exist, except in my mind! I love a pretty mirror, especially if it is ornate or gilded.

  4. Is that not insane in a good way? Gorgeous! Nathalie you are one busy mom & sending you a big hug from Houston. Thanks for always taking the time to comment on my wee blog. I wish I could say we were house shopping but we were just gawking & out for a walk. Those homes start in that neighborhood @ 1.5 mil. Hard to capture how gorgeous it is. We still have it in the game book to move to Scotland when the house sells. I just need to remain patient. We got an email last night that our Henderson renter hasn't paid the rent. It's always something & I'm just so weary of it all. And..it's always around Christmas that it all starts to fall apart. I have a slight inkling that my husband is going to face another lay-off too. Ugh...
    Stay well my friend and have a great Wed.

    xo Deb


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