Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am s-l-o-w-l-y getting my christmas decor out ~ somehow life this time of year takes on a frenetic pace that I have a hard time keeping up with...if only my waistline benefitted from this racing around, oh dear those christmas cookies are my downfall!
I just discovered Maisy and Alice on Etsy ( yes I do pretty much all of my shopping on Etsy!), and am having this beauty sent to me from lovely Derbyshire, England, to grace my dining area...
I have never "garlanded" before, but think it will be something different and this is so beautiful...
the snowflakes are cut from french books, so poetic!

Some other beauties...

There are also gorgeous felted pieces...
I highly recommend, the customer service has been a joy!
How are your holiday decorations coming along?
I am sorry to be sparse in my visits/comments, but you are all in my thoughts ~


  1. Time always flies in December. I'll have to pull out the decorations asap.

  2. Me too! I just started thinking about the decorations today. A lovely idea you have here. Hope it was a thankful holiday weekend! Rest up! Just the beginning! ;~)

  3. What a lovely surprise to find my work here on your lovely blog! Thanks so much:)

  4. Just beautiful, Nathalie. Have a great weekend. xx


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