Friday, September 3, 2010


I recently got a copy of "Wishes," by Tricia La Voice and Barbara Lazaroff...
I worked for Barbara for many many years...I have always had a huge respect and admiration for her and for her talent, and she remains a source of inspiration. This book that she has written with a dear friend, is full of wisdom and womanly strength. One passage that I keep opening to...
"To the buds, when you bloom, you will be the women
who will educate the next generation of girls and boys;
you will make global policy, grow food, find cures, create art,
music and dance, and hopefully end wars. Learn, grow,
blossom and give back. Leave a forest of love and
knowledge behind you."
Barbara Lazaroff
I loved the message so much, that I created this eye pillow and gave it to her...I think it looks pretty close to the cover design, no?
Barbara is not only incredibly talented as a designer, she is one of the most involved and philanthropic women I know, who has given back so much to others...
I worked at many of the restaurants that Barbara designed, Chinois on Main, Spago, and Granita in Malibu...and loved them all...but I have to say that Granita, below, was one of my favourite spaces in all the world.  
You can read more and see more photos of the mant restaurants that Barbara has designed here, on her website...
And you can get a copy of "Wishes" here...

My wishes for you are to enjoy the Labor Day weekend to it's fullest!

all photos from Barbara Lazaroff's website


  1. Nathalie, what a beautiful and inspiring woman. She must have been a treasure to work with!

    Art by Karena

  2. She sounds wonderful... someone whom one could learn so much from. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to work with her.

    What a sweetheart you are .. I'm certain she appreciated your wonderful gift from the heart. Happy Labour Day to you and your family..Hugs..HHL

  3. What a special gift, Nathalie! I'm sure she loved it. You've worked in some great places and I bet you have lots of wild stories.

    I'm heading out soon...can hardly wait!! Talk with you next week.


  4. I've been looking for a good book to read these days, I think I've found it. Seems like a sweet book. Will go to nearest bookstore and do my search ;) Thanks a lot! Have a marvelous weekend.

  5. Ah, Nathalie! I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend to the fullest! I love this message and the forest of love. Seems like you are helping to create that here! xo

  6. How lovely! I especially love that opening bit.
    Hope you are having a lovely holiday weekend.

  7. You are such a sweetheart, Nathalie. Your pillow looks exactly like the cover - I am sure she was delighted. Happy Labor day! xx

  8. lovely pillow! what beautiful and inspiring words..

  9. Wow, how much intriguing and inspiring this woman!!
    You had made a beautiful homage for her here!!
    Nathalie thanks a lot!

  10. wonderful that you created something so special for her "wishes" - I am going to get this for my very own mother. Thanks for your kind comment.


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