Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Is A Month Of Love

Happy Anniversary Tiffany and Jerome!
Nine years ago today, despite all odds after 9/11, my sister was married in Rome.
In a few days, it will be my 11 years for me...and on the 27th, my wonderful Grandmother turns 39...again! A whole lotta love going on in my family ~
My oldest, Marcello, was only 6 months old! He is such a big boy now, I'm off to his first football game later today. We found an amazing gazebo in the Borghese gardens for them to be married in. It was a bit challenging directing the Minister to the correct gazebo in the heart of the gardens (they are large), and then for us to get a car as close as we could... No wonder those European women all have such amazing legs, with all of the walking!
The ring pillow that I made for them ~
"I Do
Take You
To Be
My Beloved"

Sempre Amore, Roma, 22.9.2001
There were passers-by calling out,
"Auguri, auguri!"
Italians love romance...
A very happy day indeed!
Italian wedding photographers take their jobs very seriously...
We had to stop at The Spanish Steps before going to the Hotel Eden...It was as if they were celebrities, they were swarmed with well-wishers! It was so very touching, an experience to never forget. I also made the dupioni shawl that she is wearing, embroidered with gold fleur de lis and pearl drops. It's one of my favourite things that I've ever made. In particular because of the extra love that went into it ~

Cin Cin!


  1. How incredibly beautiful!!
    I especially love that you made that exquisite shawl that she wore...what a wonderful sister!

  2. wow, that sounds and looks wonderful! amazing! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. What beautiful memories ~ there truly was something magical that day ... it comes through in the pictures.

    As you know I feel there is nothing better on earth than to be given or purchase something that has been made by someone ~ the passion, love and care makes the item something to be treasured and passed on. I'm certain that beautiful shawl will be passed on from generation to generation...

    Happy Anniversary to my friend... and Happy 39th to your grandmother ... bless her soul.... XO HHL

  4. What a special wedding. The Borghese gardens! You outdid yourself with that sounds divine. The photographs are really beautiful and I love the way Italians get so involved in weddings, too. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to all!

  5. It is the month of love! What a beautiful, touching post :) happy anniversaries and 39th bdays all around! I love that amazing pillow you made for them!


  6. How wonderful - Happy Anniversary to your sister and husband, Nathalie. xo


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