Monday, September 20, 2010

Konnichi wa Marie Antoinette

The marriage of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and Marie Antoinette...
What do you think she would say, about these wonderfully whimsical pieces that are shown throughout the Chateau Versailles? I rather think that she would love them! Full of pomp, circumstance, and I wish this lovely exhibit had been there when I visited Versailles on a stormy and blustery day. I think it would wake you up from the overwhelm of riches, and bring a smile to the face. Please don't get me wrong, I adore Versailles. But room after room is so incredible, I think it would lighten it up with an air of gaiety.
Takashi Murakami's exhibit can be seen at The Chateau Versailles from September 14 to December 12, 2010.
For more information and to watch a fantastic short video on the installation of the pieces, visit their link here. It is in french, but the video is at the very bottom...
Sculpture Flower Matango  ~ Hall of Mirrors

Oval Buddha Silver ~ Hercules Salon
Jellyfish Eyes
Oval Buddha ~ Palace Gardens
Takashi Murakami

Have a great week, and don't take things too seriously!

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  1. OOH, I love this paring! Especially those flower pops of color :) Happy week to you, Nathalie!

  2. Loved this - wonderful read ! thank you Nathalie

  3. Oh looks like a marvelous display!!! Hmmm,, we could always do a 72 hour trip there... HHL

  4. I'm all for whimsy and delight. MA probably would have clapped her hands with glee at such a sight.

  5. ooooh I would LOVE to have some of MY Fifi Flowers whimsy in Versailles!!!! Where do I sign up!!!

  6. I would love to see this in person! What whimsical art. And I have always wanted to go to Versailles!

  7. We're taking the French Fries to this exhibit in October. That's art the whole family can appreciate!

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  8. i'd love to visit these someday....he has such a unique and glam style!

  9. a very different take - made me laugh :)

  10. Thanks for posting this! I am a HUGE fan of Murakami's work! HUGE!

  11. Oh, étonnant mariage de Takashi et de Marie-Antoinette !
    J'avais pu admirer ses fleurs géantes et trés gaies à Lyon... ça met du pep's dans la vie ! Peut-être Marie-Antoinette aurait-elle aimé ?
    Kisses from France,
    Tatieva, painter of Marie-Antoinette... ;-)))

  12. How did I miss this? I think his work looks unbelievable in this setting! Wow! She would have loved it, I'm sure.


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