Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doing Good Work

I was so moved watching this video of a friend of mine who is really doing something incredible. He left the luxuries of Los Angeles to go to the Wat Don orphanage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and help these children. I am so amazed and impressed with what he is doing, I want to share...and also share how grateful I am for the life that my children have, that many of our children on this continent have.
Hats off to Stuart, for giving so much...these children will never forget him! And neither will the monks...I guess he made them hamburgers and onion rings  the other day for a birthday, and it was the first time for all of them.


  1. What a friend you have - giving his time and energy to help these children. You must be very proud to know him. Thanks for sharing this! It made me stop and count my blessings.

  2. What a wonderful soul!! My heart was breaking for these innocent children. I wonder if they have an adoption program?? I will definitely check out Stu's website... thank you for sharing this. HHL

  3. How lovely and yet how adorable! I really like the effect, and that is for charity makes it so much nicer too.


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