Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Political Fashion

Leave it to Steven Meisel and the Italians to help broadcast the utter shame of the environmental crisis in the Gulf Coast
Using the transformation of the beautiful Kirsten McMenamy...


and realistic

Vogue Italia August 2010
all photos by Steven Meisel
images from Chungkit blog


  1. Time to get out a bottle of Dawn and give her a good scrub...Hope you're having a good week, Nathalie. Thank, as always, for your sweet comment. xx

  2. Very powerful images!! My heart goes out to all affected by this horrible accident. I pray that a solution to expedite the recovery of this , is found (in reference to the clean up). Happy Tuesday my friend... HHL

  3. Wow! Too bad that this wasn't included in American Vogue. It is haunting in its beauty and underlying message. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. And they used Kirsten who if styled correctly can look a bit eery herself. I think she's gorgeous but it's something about her eyes that she'd be great in a slasher movie.

    The photography sure brings the disaster front & center, loud & clear; just as it should be.
    So glad you posted the Nathalie. How is life in Vegas this week? Hoping you all are doing really well? xx


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