Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Overflowing Heart...

Isn't this priceless? This little angel is the daughter of Jennifer, the designer of these gorgeous new fabrics by Monaluna that I used in creating this new lovey by Dolce Dreams. Jennifer was so kind to post this with a link on her blog, which was so kind!
Here is the "Monaco" line designed by Jennifer that I used for the lovey...available here.

Jennifer also designs this beautiful line of journals, guestbooks and address books for Mara Mi...also on her website here.
I am also so grateful for...
The unbelievable luck to have my luck o' the Irish eye pillow
"Lucky Me, Lucky Me!!"

Featured in the Etsy Finds Guide "Gotta Get Away" yesterday...
I can't begin to tell you what my Google Analytics looked like :)

And, last, but by all means NOT least...I still have a giveaway going on until the 30th at Annechovie, by the talented and delightful Anne, who has been such a gracious host...

I wish much magic to you all this week...



  1. awwww, beyond gorgeous !

  2. What a little darling!!!

    Congrats on the mentions ... will stop by for a visit to Jennifer's site... Happy Wednesday my friend..HHL

  3. Congrats to you...the header looks great too! :)

  4. Hi Nathalie,
    beautiful beautiful this colection of fabrics,
    thank you for sharing it! love this kind of desing.


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