Monday, August 30, 2010

Do You Love Shoes...?

Who doesn't dream of designing their own, unique pair to strut about in?
I tell you, Las Vegas has so much going on, it's hard to keep up. Especially since I rarely get to "The Strip." I had to see this shop in a magazine to know what is here right under my nose, and I'm off to check it out...
Morgan Miller, "The Queen of Sole," comes by her design and manufacturer's sense honestly. Her father manufactures the footwear for houses like Prada, Gucci, and Canali.'s a 3 step process... you pick a sole that you like, choose a strap, then add a buckle. The cobbler on site then puts them together for you while you wait. Somewhere inside of me is a frustrated shoe designer dying to get out!
Currently there are shops in Miami, Dubai, and Las Vegas, with shops coming to Beverly Hills, New York, London and Paris.
You can also do it online here.
Have fun!

photos via Luxury Las Vegas


  1. I have to say I do love shoes. This sounds pretty cool to be able to design your own! I bet Vegas is a shoe mecca!!

    ps-I'm hosting a CSN giveaway and want to invite you to enter. It's a $40 gift certificate and they have a ton of great stuff.

    Feel free to stop you might be interested!

  2. I wish I had size 6 feet - My Mom said I need big feet to carry my height! A size 10 needs to carefully select appropriate styles.
    Nonetheless- those are snappy shoes!

  3. It's like the Dylan Candy Bar for feet! If you do go have a pair created you must share a photo. What fun that would be to let'er rip with ones imagination.

    Happy new week Nathalie. Can you believe it's almost September..yikes!

    xx oo

  4. How wonderful is that!! I have a friend whose feet are size 5 and she will love to hear about this... she can never find a good fit!!! Hugs... HHL

  5. What a clever idea! Let me know if you ever find beautiful shoes that were comfortable to walk in....

  6. fun is that?! Did you make a pair?


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