Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1500 Square Feet of Beachside "Wow"

I just came across this Miami Beach apartment designed by John Barman in Architectural Digest...it makes me so happy , the use of the brights on the whites, and, hey, how about that view! I think he did an amazing job making a small space seem large. This reminds me of my beachside apartment in Santa Monica that I lived in for years...I had the view, but the interior wasn't at all like this! A good thing I'm not there anymore, I would have to do a big renovation after seeing this :)
I am in love with the 14 foot sofa designed by Barman.

The kitchen is all enclosed in those white cabinets...alot of take-out must go on here!
CRAZY about the Thonet chairs from the 50's...

The Master bedroom...

I would feel as if I were showering inside of a cloud...buoyant!

I am not a big fan of yellow, but must say that I really love it here...

photos:Dan Forer
Architectural Digest
I hope that your week is just as bright!


  1. What a view!!! How wonderful it would be to wake up to the ocean and sky !!! Happy Tuesday..HHL

  2. I just love those hot pink chairs and the turquoise couch!!!

  3. Hard to imagine what it would be like to start & end each day in such a magnificent home? The view just seems so surreal. I've been such a slacking blogger lately. Your always SO great Nathalie, can't thank you enough. Always so kind to ask how things are going. It seems like Houston real estate is not so good. Reports this week say it feel 25% for July & Aug. expected to be worse. Not one person has viewed the house in almost 2 weeks. So, if you have good karma or a good relationship with the Lord, all prayers and chants accepted!! Wishing you a great weekend ahead. School starts here on Monday. Where oh where has this summer gone? Hugs to you!

  4. I could melt into that bathroom too! The yellow makes the lovely clean white even brighter! And of course the blue beachy background! Pretty + heavenly!

  5. What a great space! Love the white with the touches of color!

  6. All of that natural light is stunning! Gorgeous and peaceful.

    By the way, thank so much for stopping by the blog. I love the name of your blog!


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