Monday, August 30, 2010

Do You Love Shoes...?

Who doesn't dream of designing their own, unique pair to strut about in?
I tell you, Las Vegas has so much going on, it's hard to keep up. Especially since I rarely get to "The Strip." I had to see this shop in a magazine to know what is here right under my nose, and I'm off to check it out...
Morgan Miller, "The Queen of Sole," comes by her design and manufacturer's sense honestly. Her father manufactures the footwear for houses like Prada, Gucci, and Canali.'s a 3 step process... you pick a sole that you like, choose a strap, then add a buckle. The cobbler on site then puts them together for you while you wait. Somewhere inside of me is a frustrated shoe designer dying to get out!
Currently there are shops in Miami, Dubai, and Las Vegas, with shops coming to Beverly Hills, New York, London and Paris.
You can also do it online here.
Have fun!

photos via Luxury Las Vegas

Friday, August 27, 2010

A $35 Million Glass Pavilion

I do prefer open homes as opposed to dark, closed in rooms...
And this Montecito home designed by LA architect Steve Hermann is truly a knockout. The 13,875 square foot home with walls of glass brings nature inside. And no worries about your privacy, because it is nicely situated on 3.5 acres of stunning California real estate.
I wonder what a movie on a rainy night would be like ?
Fireplace going...

The Art Gallery contains his vintage car collection.

I would hope that the floors are heated...I do like a cosy bathroom.

There are 5 bedrooms and five and a half baths.
I have to say, one of my favourite rooms is the kitchen, with the wine room attached...but I couldn't pull the picture off of the slide show, be sure to click the link below to see more of the house!

Recently put on the market for 35 million...
To see more, visit here.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
All photos from Yahoo and the Wall Street Journal

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Overflowing Heart...

Isn't this priceless? This little angel is the daughter of Jennifer, the designer of these gorgeous new fabrics by Monaluna that I used in creating this new lovey by Dolce Dreams. Jennifer was so kind to post this with a link on her blog, which was so kind!
Here is the "Monaco" line designed by Jennifer that I used for the lovey...available here.

Jennifer also designs this beautiful line of journals, guestbooks and address books for Mara Mi...also on her website here.
I am also so grateful for...
The unbelievable luck to have my luck o' the Irish eye pillow
"Lucky Me, Lucky Me!!"

Featured in the Etsy Finds Guide "Gotta Get Away" yesterday...
I can't begin to tell you what my Google Analytics looked like :)

And, last, but by all means NOT least...I still have a giveaway going on until the 30th at Annechovie, by the talented and delightful Anne, who has been such a gracious host...

I wish much magic to you all this week...


Monday, August 23, 2010

Giveaway Time!

The most lovely and incredibly talented Anne of "Annechovie" is doing a giveaway this week of some of my lavender goodies...
Please stop by to enter, and if you are not already a fan of hers, you must check out her art in her shop...
merci Anne!
p.s....i got the boys to school on time, but was up all night worrying about hearing the alarm! new year here we are...

Friday, August 20, 2010

School is Coming, School is Coming!

Well, here it is, the last couple of days until school starts for my boys. I am terrified that I will oversleep Monday morning, I have been staying up far too late getting caught up on movies, and sleeping in far too long!
Where did the summer go?
If you have time to check out some fun online shop spots...
The Go-Green supplies above are from ReBinder, recycled school and office supplies. I saw them on The Daily Grommet today...a really great online marketplace where you can discover and buy inventive, new products and learn the stories behind them. So far I have seen some really interesting items!
I heard about them on The Tail, which is the blog by the founders of Aprizi...
Aprizi is a super cool online personal shopper that is in early beta. If you have a few minutes to play, it is FUN! I really liked where I was going when I fooled around on there a bit...
I found Aprizi from the trendsetter Mary on Etsy...check out her blog too, she is always one step ahead...
Whatever you do,
Have a G-R-E-A-T
photo from ReBinder via Daily Grommet

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1500 Square Feet of Beachside "Wow"

I just came across this Miami Beach apartment designed by John Barman in Architectural makes me so happy , the use of the brights on the whites, and, hey, how about that view! I think he did an amazing job making a small space seem large. This reminds me of my beachside apartment in Santa Monica that I lived in for years...I had the view, but the interior wasn't at all like this! A good thing I'm not there anymore, I would have to do a big renovation after seeing this :)
I am in love with the 14 foot sofa designed by Barman.

The kitchen is all enclosed in those white cabinets...alot of take-out must go on here!
CRAZY about the Thonet chairs from the 50's...

The Master bedroom...

I would feel as if I were showering inside of a cloud...buoyant!

I am not a big fan of yellow, but must say that I really love it here...

photos:Dan Forer
Architectural Digest
I hope that your week is just as bright!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Crayons...The Sculptures of Herb Williams

You have to take a close look at these amazing sculptures by Herb Williams...they are made entirely of Crayola crayons!
Shopping for school supplies for my boys, my favourite purchase is always the brand new box of crayons. Brand new, perfectly placed, with no wear and tear to show, it definitely is a trigger of memories.
Artist's statement:
"Crayons are a gateway drug. To most adults, the sight and smell of crayons produce specific memories of childhood. The twist in the road to nostalgia is the creation of a new object, from a medium in which it was not intended. This element of unexpected interaction and play had me at hello."
Well, he's got my creative juices going! I may be off to grab up more crayons. He does make mention of the fact that he is one of the only people to have an account with Crayola...some of these pieces take hundreds of thousands of crayons to make. Whatever I come up with, it will be on a different scale for sure...
I have to tell "The Zhush" to check this out for her Random Chanel Day!

"Love Child"

At work on Plunderland

"Red Head"
All photos from Herb Williams

Wishing you a colourful and creative weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words of Inspiration

"She Didn't Know How Much She Could Do Until She Got Off Her Ass and Did It"
A Folk Art collage magnet to motivate and inspire us girls to achieve our goals. Do stop by Allison Strine's shop, she has a great story behind this one! I LOVE the boots, makes me want to go out and stir up the world a little !
Yesterday's post was a bit dark, so I wanted to lighten things up and inspire not only YOU, but me too...
My family has had a rough week, I have been down in the dumps over unforseen circumstances. But I truly believe in the power of positive thoughts and goals, and am putting all of this beautiful inspirational art by exceptional women out into the Universe.
I am off to attack my goals...
Enjoy and get inspired :)
The incredibly talented and kind Annechovie, with her delicious use of colour...

Shop here.

NEVER half empty!
Dazey Chic is bursting with positivity...
See more here.

Somehow I always need a reminder on this one...
Jean Skipper hand stamps these words of wisdom on solid copper.
See more here.

Such a simple message yet so powerful...
And beautifully presented in this print.

See more from Murs Blanc here.
Happy Hump Day, Have a Great Week!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Political Fashion

Leave it to Steven Meisel and the Italians to help broadcast the utter shame of the environmental crisis in the Gulf Coast
Using the transformation of the beautiful Kirsten McMenamy...


and realistic

Vogue Italia August 2010
all photos by Steven Meisel
images from Chungkit blog

Monday, August 2, 2010

Loving These...

"The Flowers"
There is still time left in summer to take inspiration from these two incredibly creative photographers, if you have some bored kids hanging around...these just blow me away! German photographer Jan von Holleben has taken these incredible shots... he has several books available, you can see more read more and purchase them here.
"The Astronauts"

"The Flowers"

"The Umbrellas"

"The Balloon Flyers"

"The Rocketteers"

Autumn Leaves

I first saw "Mila's Daydreams" on Joanna Goddard's blog, "A Cup of Jo," and fell in love can see more of this precious angel here.