Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What do Prada and Mad Men Have in Common?

A new ad campaign!
Prada's Fall 2010 ad campaign, shot by the fabulous Steven Meisel and featuring model/muse Angela Lidvall (visit to see her crooning "Fever" on video) is inspired by the tv show ...
I am not much of a tv person, and saw the show a few times...but I must say, if Miuccia thinks this highly of the show, I am going to Tivo it and make sure I don't miss an episode!
Loving the dresses and bags, but not sure about the hair...I have such heavy hair, it takes 100 hair pins for an up do for me. Are you ready for the tease?

all photos via and hautfashion


  1. Hi Nathalie - you have peaked my interest & must check out. I love Prada and I love this 50's slant to the new line. I do adore the hair but if I were to wear it, I know people would think I had never left the 50's in the first place. I hate it when your too old for the trends...humpf!! I love your new blog header, looks tremendous. Hoping life is good this week in sunny Vegas? Hugs to you x

  2. I love the hairstyles! Just couldn't imagine myself wearing it though - wish I could.

  3. Love that hair!! And the dresses are divine!!

  4. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  5. Love it all...and the hair too. I wasn't impressed with Mad Men, but I have some personal experience with that era and the show doesn't seem authentic to me. (My aunt was an executive secretary for one of the top ad agencies on Madison Avenue in these years. I used to go to work with her, on occasion.)So much hoopla, though. I think I just about stand alone in my opinions. Do love the fashions.


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