Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Material Girl Number Two...Lourdes Leon Blogs

There's a new blogger in town...Lourdes Leon, all of 13, is blogging to promote the Material Girl Collection that she is helping her Mom (Madonna) design...the collection debuts at Macy's on August 3rd. Having grown up with the first Material Girl, I am not quite sure that I am ready to re-visit the 80's...but with this kind of promotion, I am sure that we will be seeing many "tweens" giving us a blast from the past.
Check out her first blogging debut here.
photo via Getty Images


  1. How to check out mini Madonna!

  2. Madonna certainly is a corporate revenue generating machine... no surprise that she would encourage/support mini-she to do the same. It will be interseting to see how the line is received and what it has to offer. Great post, HHL

  3. Ah, Madonna has taught and trained her well;-)


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