Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How I'd like to be at Kensington Gardens this summer...

Cool, right?
The 10th annual pavilion designed by world famous architect Jean Nouvel at Kensington gardens opened this week...
Every year for the past 10, a Serpentine Pavilion has been designed by architects new to the UK. In the past pavilions were built by Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaas... I can only imagine strolling through the park and coming upon this...


  1. It looks glorious. I wish I could go with you as I adore Kensington Gardens. There is a new book coming out this fall about it and I'll be posting a review in advance of the release.

  2. Very cool, Nathalie! I am craving London these days. xx

  3. Wow! So cool, wish I could go!

  4. Calgon take me away is what I'm thinking. How fun this would be to see in person. London sounds great, let's all go!!

    Your so kind to ask about the Henderson house. JUST got it leased after being empty for 3 months. I just realized I should of been a cocktail waitress, the income is amazing. I have no rack so I suspect my tips would of been lacking.hah. I'm hoping things are picking up there? The economy here just seems to be eeking along. Don't see a lot of improvement.

    Nathalie have a good weekend my friend xx

  5. kensington gardens looks amazing. I need to visit next year. Thanks for the wonderful photos. Carla


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