Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Home for the Aspen Agate

A few of you had asked, so I am sharing what I finally ended up doing with the agate pieces that I brought back from Aspen...
My pieces were too small to do anything like Rablabs does, and I didn't want to attempt drilling into them. I think putting them on this mirrored frame achieves my goal, which was letting the light through to show off the incredibly vibrant colours of nature...and the ripples in the pool and bubbles from the champagne are flowing too!
Project Agate: Completed
I hope you are checking off some fun projects this summer!
Have a great week,
p.s. How do you like my new banner? I am working with a lovely girl from London named Winchester on updating many things in my Etsy shop and had her do this lovely header for me.


  1. That frame is just darling and I believe you achieved yourg goal the Agate stones pop on the mirror.

    The header looks great - really liking the font you choose.

    I'm just catching up... that D&G cranberry bag is gorgeous... will have to see if its in any of our local shops yet.... Happy Tuesday ..HHL

  2. It is awesome and so are you! So talented.

  3. Creativity is flowing over there at Dolce Dreams! Those colors really do shine through...and perfect pic. I think I already mentioned that I love your new header - but just in case...It's perfect.


  4. Beautiful work, Nathalie! I love it. xx


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