Sunday, June 13, 2010

Food and Wine Classic in Aspen

I am fortunate to be attending The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen this coming weekend...and have been really looking forward to this trip! It is the first time that my husband and I have been away together in 8 years, and actually the first time I have ever left my boys (sad?)...
Now that I am starting to have to think about packing, having everything at home in order, prepping the house, dog, etc etc.....I really wish I were just on the plane already! Not that I am complaining... I should have some fun pictures after to share. I signed up for a little class with Mario Batali, and with Thomas Keller. Aspen here I come!


  1. That sounds terrific!! Have a great time. Aspen is so gorgeous. Look forward to seeing pictures from your adventure. Thanks for the note on my blog, by the way. We are settling in nicely up here in the Bay Area. We bought a fixer house, so we will be doing more renovations soon. All the best! Steve

  2. Sounds like THE best time, be sure to take some photos for US!

  3. I'm turning green with envy!! I hope you will share your culinary adventures with us. I heard Thomas Keller speak on a book tour earlier this year and was mesmerized by his eloquence. You will have a great time I'm sure. Enjoy!!!!

  4. Enjoy! Your adventure away sounds great. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and reading about your culinary lessons. HHL


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