Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cher's Buddhist Sanctuary in LA

Cher's latest home, a 4,000 square foot 2 floor apartment has me wanting to move...or redecorate! How about this 16th century opium bed, couldn't you just jump right in? The serenity and "calmness" of the palette, right in the heart of the Hollywood Hills, would be a wonderful retreat to come home to. Her home is featured in Architectural Digest this month, which I am running off to buy, because I hear that the over the top luxurious stone clad bathtub is fit for Cleopatra...and this I have got to see!
decorated by Martyn Lawrence Bullard


  1. omg I am in love with that grandiose bed!! I want to see the bath too now, can you post a pic for me pls?

  2. Still Cher, and still fabulous. I love how over the top she is.
    Really enjoyed your comment about the pastries.

  3. I likely would never get up & out of that gorgeous bed. Oh to be rich solves many problems, even those of design! How is life in Vegas these days. Our house in Henderson lost it's renters & has been empty for about a month now.. life is never easy is it? ) :

    Have a super weekend ahead Nathalie x

  4. I love the color of the dark wood against the comforter.


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