Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aspen Photography...Peter B. Steele

"Tattoed Aspen"
While at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, they had some of Peter B. Steele's photography up from his "Passion Scars" collection. I really fell in love with the aspen trees, they are so majestic...and I love what he has captured in these photos. This particular picture above I would have bought in a heartbeat, if I had the money. I am so intrigued with the way he has collaged and matted this print, my creative juices are flowing and I am thinking of something similar to try on my own...


  1. Wow...what an intense perspective, very cool!

  2. Nathaly,
    Oh how wonderful!
    thank you sooo much

  3. The Aspen trees are really so beautiful...and don't you love the Hotel Jerome? I went to lunch there once, by myself, and had trout fresh from the river - one of my most memorable lunches ever. Thanks for sharing all of the 'Aspen' art.

    Love your new pic.


  4. I love trees too. I can see how this image would appeal to you since it almost references the layout of a quilt.
    Thanks for sharing a little bit about your experience with Thomas Keller. I'd love to hear how your recipes from Ad Hoc work out.

  5. Love Aspen - these are great!



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