Saturday, May 1, 2010

A New Revolution in Town...Jamie Oliver!

I was a little late in the game watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Show that was on TV here in the US, but I taped them, and watched them all last week with the super picky eaters that are my sons. I am in awe of the work he is doing. And he is not even from the US, but is working his tail off here. It was shocking to hear that this is the first generation that will not live as long as their parents, all due to the bad food that is being fed to them. My boys eat good quality food, but are extremely picky, so I was very excited when they agreed to follow Jamie's lead this week and make their own omelets from his recipe, and then post a picture on his Facebook Fan Page. They loved them...and I was in shock! I can't wait to see what recipe he puts out next week.
If you haven't yet, please take a moment to visit his site at and sign his petition to get healthier foods in our childrens schools!


  1. Yah - he's my idol and has done soooo much for the kids in the UK (even though I'm not British). Love the attitude and the intention. Yummy looking omelette!

  2. I think I need to watch this show, have 3 very picky eaters of my own! Thanks!

  3. i remember when my mum started watching Jamie with his funny accent and cute hair. we all became fanss. oh and his food is great too. Carla


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