Friday, May 21, 2010

Leaping into the Weekend

This is where I will be all weekend...poolside!
I hope you all enjoy yours whatever you do...
So many great comments on my girlie post (by the way this is my other girlie that keeps me sane every day ...Alba!)
There is something so wonderful and strong about females and family, the bonds that we have.
Happy weekend,


  1. How cute! I just love seeing dogs playing in water. :)

  2. Love the photo. What a cute dog! Sounds like you planned a relaxing weekend. We moved into our new home this past weekend, so now I need some relaxation too.

  3. If the dog's any indication - yours is ONE HAPPY FAMILY!! trop beau!
    Enjoy the poolside fun - we did just the same today although the pooch avoids water like the plague. Just had to have a giggle at this photo of yours ;-)


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