Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you moms out there...

A few excerpts from "Mother Nurture," Life Lessons from the Mothers of America's Best and Brightest, by Stephanie Hirsch...

"We learn from difficulties and obstacles. If you always spoil your children, you will weaken their character, instead of strengthening it.

Nena Thurman, mother of Uma Thurman

"Never lose your inner child"

Leah Adler, mother of Steven Spielberg

"Children may not always seem to do what you say, but they always seem to imitate what you do"

Helene Shalotsky, mother of Dr. Rubi Ludwig

" Children have to have some boundaries, but do not knock the poetry out of the soul"

Gloria Allred. mother of Lisa Bloom

"If you shelter your children, you don't really do them any favors"

Linda Armstrong Kelly, mother of Lance Armstrong

" You can't box your children in. If they don't follow the road you had planned for them in your head, get yourself a new map and buckle up for an unpredictable, sometimes terrifying, and hopefully wonderful journey."

Nancy Golden, mother of Nate Berkus

" I consider myself a lighthouse. My light is always on, a guiding force."

Barbara Taylor, mother to Nikki Taylor

"If you suffocate children, they tend to keep secrets."

Judy Slater, mother of Kelly Slater

"If you want respect from your children, you have to respect them. If you have love from your children, you have to love them."

Sophie Florio, mother of Tom and Steve Florio

Have a wonderful day! I myself am having an interesting Mother's Day... weeks of recurring Strep throat in the house that crescendoed last night with the entire house up sick. All I can say is, if you think you can't, when you are a Mom you know you can.

Cheers to all of you Moms out there that don't stop!

The lovely piece of art above is by the Etsy artist Amber Alexander...stop by to see more of her work here.

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  1. So sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope the spring will make it all better. LOVE those quotes



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