Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girl Time...

I just enjoyed a visit with my Mother, that was much too short. It was on her way back from spending time with her Mother, helping my Grandmother recouperate from hip surgery. I spend my days surrounded by endless testosterone...I LOVE my boys, but grew up surounded by only women. I think somehow this visit was such a close link in the bond that we all share, that it really stands out. Perhaps it was the boxes of history that came my way and I have been wandering around trying to find homes for. All I know is that these women that make up my family are all so special, and I love them dearly!

Four generations...yes that's me in the bonnet...I never did like white!

My only sister and I...miss you!

My Mother had shipped 12 boxes on Greyhound, of my Grandmother's china, crystal, a set of Encyclopedias from the sixties. It was such a special time unpacking these together when she got here, and thinking about where they had been, where they will live now, and where they will end up in the future. I only hope and pray that I will have a daughter in law that will treasure the past of our family.

Together we unpacked the china...

And the crystal , that is now sparkling...

She helped me do a class board for my son....

Who is now cruising off into his future...where does the time go?

I do wish I had my Grandmother, Mother, and Sister here always. We talk every day but it is not the same as sharing the little joys of daily life. And I LOVE my boys, but, then, I am a girlie girl and miss my girls.

to all of the special women out there


  1. Huge lump in my throat and tear in my eye...Love you.

  2. I too hope for a nice daughter in law one day! Thank you for leaving a comment on my new blog Memories of a Dress. Please find a dress and share your story.

  3. What a heartwarming post...very touching!

  4. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Just looking at your pic of the four generations made me teary eye. I just returned from overseas to visit my family (after one year of not seeing them) and I so wished I had taken a photo of my grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter (four generations. So I understand what you mean about having them close by.

  5. Love love this post Nathalie!! i do believe there's a special bond between women and just looking at your family pics is a joy. You all look fabulous !!
    Now, i wish to see you dress post soon on Ingrid's blog... :-)
    I've also seen lots of articles on this book "My mother's clothes". It's true that the essence of clothes is in the air at the moment!
    Have a great week, Nathalie!

  6. That just sounds so special. I don't get to spend much time with my Mum either... Too far away. Crossing my fingers for that special daughter in law for you one day (won't hold my breath just yet as I can't last for more than a minute and I believe your boys aren't near marrying age at 4th grade ;-). Best of luck with all the busyness. Will be by the pool enjoying the sun and thinking of you too dearie.


  7. You are so blessed! I just came across your blog and definetly will be visitng often.

    I too am trying to find the new me. Stop by and visit if you have a chance

  8. i hear you...girl time is so important! we have so many men in our family, and we ladies have so much fun decorating and finding cute details for around the home. how lovely that you had time with the ladies of your family.
    xox alison

  9. This was the most heartwarming post, Nathalie. I grew up surrounded by woman, too. Isn't it wonderful that we have this medium so that those far from us can see our lives in pictures? You were adorable...and your Mom - Beautiful!

  10. Awwww - sounds like a wonderful time! I'm visiting my parents right now and could really relate to your pictures and words. Great pictures - good looking family!

  11. What a beautiful post, Nathalie! You were the cutest baby. Thanks for your very kind comment and have a great weekend with lots of pool time. xx

  12. Oh, this brings back so many memories. The kinship of mothers, daughters and sisters is to be treasured.


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