Monday, May 10, 2010

Cruising in Style, the Guccissima Way

I couldn't help but pass on Gucci's latest that Rachel had on her Zoe Report today...
For a mere $6365 you can be cruising in ultimate style, covered with the Gucci logo all over, per certo! The bell is even engraved with the Gucci logo ( i wonder if that is available on it's own?)...but what I really like is the sound of the guccissima leather handlebar, seat, and seat pack that it comes with. I could just see myself on the streets of Roma, having the time of my life...until I needed a rest stop...I think you need a bodyguard with this to keep an eye on it, a bike lock simply will not suffice!
Chocolate brown for me per favore...


  1. Oui - but I'll have to buy the apartment in Rome first because the mud of Toulouse will just not do! No risk of it being swindled once I've covered the logo in mud mind ;-) Très beautiful!!

  2. Hope you're all feeling better after the strep that swept you all off your feet. I'm sure you would have rather been riding this bike this weekend. I love the white one...unfortunately my knees have seen better days after pounding it out in dance all those years. Walking is beginning to be a chore!
    Oh - we love Clos du Bois...and such a great buy.
    Enjoy your week, Nathalie.

  3. oh yes...this is definitely riding in great style! Now..what would you wear? :-)
    Wishing you a great week Nathalie!


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