Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photographer Nathaniel Kramer...To Die For!

I came across this amazing photo collage of cherry trees from photographer Nathaniel Kramer in Elle Decor...and had to see more! I am madly in love with his use of colour and nature, and want to do a house a room an outfit, something anything using his work as inspiration! See more of his work below or visit his gallery here.


  1. All of these images are fantastic Nathalie. I can't decide betweent the blue rose and the cherry trees to dive into though ;-)

  2. Hi Ange
    I have a gallery in San Franicisco
    I am trying to reach Nathaniel Kramer about his artwork
    do you have his e-mail?

  3. thanks! i saw him in elle decor as well and googled him and up popped your blog! great minds think alike!

  4. Hi,
    My name is perla Meyers, I an author and a photography collector. I love the photo above your bed in Elle Decor. Can I buy one.
    Can you get in touch with me at
    I live on the upper east side and wuld love to purchase this image if possible.
    Many thanks
    Perla Meyers 212-289-0556


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