Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day in the Cosmos and in the Shopping Arena

I came across these beautiful images of the Universe taken by the Hubble Space telescope, which is exploring 24/7 up in our skies. They really are stunning, and makes me curious about taking a trip out into the Universe. Maybe not in my lifetime for me, but I am sure this will be more accessible to my children or grandchildren.
Above is "Journey through the Orion Nebula"
Happy Earth Day!


  1. Wow, Nathalie! Thanks for posting that photo - how amazing! xx

  2. Happy Earth Day Nathalie! Magnificent photo. Has me thinking that wouldn't it be nice to think we wander through there when we pass from this life to the next? Lovely thought!

    Happy weekend to you and yours x

  3. I can't imagine it either Nathalie...thank you for your lovely comments at French Essence, I do so appreciate them. Have a happy weekend when it arrives....xv


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