Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tsk, Tsk...Award Protocol

I have a few confessions to make... I have been so lucky and blessed to receive a few "Awards" ...and I have been amiss at posting about them. This beautiful Sunshine Award above, that completely brightened my day, came from the incredibly talented Catherine, of "A Thousand Clapping Hands"...
This morning I did a quick browse of my reading list, and noticed that several people have posted about Awards, and how to respond, if they do or don't. I am immensely honoured to be a recipient, but sometimes all of the required actions have seemed daunting to me...and upon looking for people to bestow them upon, they have already gotten them. So...does one award twice? Give one to someone they do not have a "history" with? for thought . At the moment I am bestowing them out to all of you that have taken the time to click on my blog and read my quandary on this subject. And if I do not have the required actions associated with it posted, I apologize to the creator of the Award that took the time to create it.

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