Saturday, March 6, 2010

Getting Ready for the 2010 Governor's Ball at The Oscar's

It is really hard to believe that it has been 16 years that Wolfgang Puck has been doing the Governor's Ball at The Oscars. I did them with him that first year, in my Bob Mackie gown, and always enjoy seeing what my old friends are up to. Always one to come up with something new, to complement the 1930's Hollywood elegance and glamour theme, Wolfgang will be serving a crispy potato galette topped with smoked salmon to start ( not new, but such a delicious classic), followed by individual black truffle chicken pot pies...Yum! 250 chefs come from around the country to help out for this event, and the timing is impeccable. You don't get much more glamourous than this! I remember when I was there, the moment that the doors open and all of the stars pour into the room...WOW! I had such butterflies in my stomach.
Sometimes I miss my old Hollywood days...But I will enjoy watching them at home in my jammies with my boys...Checking out the outfits, hair and makeup is so entertaining. I always miss Billy Crystal though... he was the best.


  1. Nathalie your past life sounds like something fairy tales are made of!! I have put you on my side bar but it doesn't update itself and I can't figure out why!! Enjoy the potato galette with smoked salmon from the safety of your lounge room and the extra special company of your kids!!

  2. Ange, I can't figure that out either, it has happened elsewhere also...still working on it. Oh, my exciting past my current life I couldn't even make it to the end of the show, I have it taped and will watch it tonight :)

  3. WOW... FABULOUS to be a part of the Oscars!!!


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