Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Great Italian Cookbook

On looks alone I ordered this will look fabulous on the wrought iron stand that my sister gave me for christmas! It does have some amazing credentials however...once I get it I will share any good recipes that come from it.
I just have to share that I am thrilled! I woke up today to see that one of my (Dolce Dreams) lavender eye pillows made it to Etsy's Front Page ...that is the third time that I have had an item on a Front Page Treasury curated by Etsy staff...but who's counting!
Off to celebrate...


  1. This looks like a great cook book Nathalie...Have a happy weekend. xv

  2. Mamma the look of it, it sounds great!
    Nathalie, i was quite impressed you went to summer school in Salamanca..i've never been there yet..i have so many places to visit in Spain!
    Have a great week end !

  3. Oh well done honey. Yes that cook book does look good, enjoy your cooking ;0


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