Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Furious Fuschia" Hits the Roads!

There was a time when I would have been first in line to own a car this colour...Fast and furious, mmm hmmm...
Celebrating 40 years, Dodge has come out with the Furious Fuschia Challenger. I expect the highways are going to get a little brighter...our music teacher at school just pulled in with a peacock blue Mustang, Diva that she is. It's about time the boring commutes brighten up!
Speeding is out of the question in a car like this however...


  1. Wow...just seen your comment on Dustj. and had to see this car !
    Furious fuschia...absolutely!
    Have a great day, Nathalie..

  2. Oh wow, what a color ... what a car! Now that will brighten the streets up, the peacock blue sounds great too.
    and yes that would be a no to speeding...and no sneaking around anywhere either, everyone would know where you are all the time.

  3. That's the truth! I think I will stick with silver....blending in is not so bad sometimes!

  4. Woo hooo ! Our roadways could use a little pop. A car this color would have to be clean all the time. Dirty hot fuchsia ... not a good look !
    Have a Beautiful weekend dear !

  5. Ha..ha you are right, no getting away with much driving that baby. I would love to see heads turn driving that down the road or pulling up to school for your PTA meeting. Hoping you have a delightful Valentines Day weekend xx


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