Monday, February 22, 2010

Couldn't Resist....

Oh this just kills me, it is so adorable (and smart too)! I saw this at Decor Demon the other day... It is with ideas like this that people make some money. I would get one just as decor in my yard, and if my principessa Alba decided to go there, my husband would be thrilled that his real turf would not have yellow spots!
Check them out here.
Spring sprung here in Las Vegas for two weeks...lovely weather in the 70's...but today winter has returned. The mountains are blanketed in snow, and it is a chilly 44 degrees out. I just had a pretty pedicure to show off in my new sandals. Oh well. I am getting tired of the winter wardrobe.
Sooo...for MeatFree Monday today, it will be my husband's delicious vegetable soup with lentils, and grilled cheese sandwiches. I promise to come up with something more creative next week!
Enjoy your day,


  1. oh..sandals already ! you're lucky girl...hope winter is not staying too long then.. :-)
    Have a great day Nathalie !

  2. What's not creative about grilled cheese sanwhiches and lentil soup?? Hmm - still wearing boots here... :-(


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