Sunday, February 28, 2010

Power of Love brings in 27 Million!

I have borrowed the following from John Katsilometes at The Las Vegas Sun...I have such a headache from too much Dom Perignon at this incredible event. I think it is so refreshing to hear that charity is still going strong in these economic times, especially for a cause like this. What a night! I have gone for several years, and it is surprising how they continually top the previous years in theme, decor, auction items, entertainment, food, and wine. Happy Sunday!
The money flowed like chilled Dom Perignon at the Bellagio on Saturday night, and once more the Keep Memory Alive "Power of Love" gala ignored economic realities elsewhere and continued to plow ahead with a blade dipped in gold.
Twenty-seven million dollars was raised during the 6-and-a-half hour lovefest on the Strip. That's the entire announced total, counting table and individual seat reservations (which ranged from $15,000 to $75,000 per table and $1,500 to $7,500 per seat), live and silent auction items and a handful of individual anonymous contributions that exceeded $1 million. The money raised goes toward the further development and operational costs for the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, brainchild of Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada head and Las Vegas native Larry Ruvo.
It was an unforgettable accomplishment, far and away a record for a fundraising endeavor that started 14 years ago with 20 people meeting for dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Spago at the Forum Shops at Caesars. Even so, the Clinic's founder left nothing to chance.
"If you remember anything tonight, remember this: Cleveland Clinic, $27 million," Ruvo said from the stage, after new Paris Las Vegas headliner Barry Manilow boogied off the stage to the familiar rhythms of "Copacabana."
Two other-worldly donations helped Keep Memory Alive, the Cleveland Clinic's philanthropic division, arrive at its goal for the evening. After it was estimated that the night would draw a total of $23.5 million, the night's honorees, former International Gaming Technology Chief Executive Officer Chuck Mathewson and his wife, Stacy, simply made up the difference with a check for $4.5 million. This was critical to the Clinic's goal of paying off, entirely, the $27 million bond issued by the city of Las Vegas to the Clinic, which is dedicated to treating and curing Alzheimer's Huntington's Parkinson's ALS and other memory disorders.
Then, with Cleveland Clinic Chief Executive Officer Dr. Toby Cosgrove standing next to him, Ruvo announced that the evening's top donor was Anchor Gaming CEO Stan Fulton, who donated $8 million to the center. Cutting a multimillion-dollar check to charity is not foreign terrain for Fulton, who donated $6 million to the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV. He is a frequent contributor to Republican political candidates, and was not actually in the room when his gift was announced, departing just before Ruvo made told the crowd of about 600 of the donation.
Mathewson did stay until the end. If you donate $4.5 million, you might enjoy some Barry.
"I pay it forward, yes, sir," he said. "I very much believe in that. Good things happen when you pay it forward."
Before the late announcement of the night's largest gifts, the live auction provided the head-spinning bids that have become a "Power of Love" tradition. Private dinners prepared by celeb chefs Puck and Thomas Keller combined for $230,000. Two nights at Meadowood in Napa Valley, Calif., where the winner is invited to drive exotic cars with a group of Robb Report editors, went for $260,000. An hourlong tennis lesson from Andre Agassi and Stephanie Graf, followed by what we can expect is a really nice lunch, went for $130,000. The auction lots came in all shapes and sized, to be sure: Danny DeVito announced lunch with him and his wife, Rhea Perlman, at their "trailer in L.A.," which went for $60,000. Brad Gilbert announced a star-studded poker game featuring his friend Ray Romano, went for $100,000. As Gilbert said, referring to Romano, "You've not lived until you seen a person with more money than God complain about losing $4 on a poker hand."
The night concluded with a Manilow medley, as some of the more sprightly guests near the stage responding to his invitation to dance out the night with Lola, Tony and Rico at the Copa. The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is already seeing patients at its site in Symphony Park, just east of World Market Center, and its grand opening is April 1. But as anyone who has seen Ruvo and his friends operate, this group is nobody's fool.
Model of The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Brain Institute in Las Vegas
photo: Tiffany Brown

Monday, February 22, 2010

Couldn't Resist....

Oh this just kills me, it is so adorable (and smart too)! I saw this at Decor Demon the other day... It is with ideas like this that people make some money. I would get one just as decor in my yard, and if my principessa Alba decided to go there, my husband would be thrilled that his real turf would not have yellow spots!
Check them out here.
Spring sprung here in Las Vegas for two weeks...lovely weather in the 70's...but today winter has returned. The mountains are blanketed in snow, and it is a chilly 44 degrees out. I just had a pretty pedicure to show off in my new sandals. Oh well. I am getting tired of the winter wardrobe.
Sooo...for MeatFree Monday today, it will be my husband's delicious vegetable soup with lentils, and grilled cheese sandwiches. I promise to come up with something more creative next week!
Enjoy your day,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Latest CityCenter a Treehouse!

Mastros Ocean Club has just upened in Crystals, the shopping mecca of the 8.5 billion dollar City Center here in Las Vegas...Not only a great restaurant, but they are completely unique in that the restaurant is inside an 80 foot tall treehouse, designed by David Rockwell. My husband ate there yesterday and said that it is truly amazing.
Really, here in Vegas things get more and more over the top, but this really is...interesting! I don't think you will be able to miss it...

Being in a treehouse, I imagine they have come up with all sorts of creative names for cocktails...

all photos via

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meat Free Monday

After reading "Goop," Gwyneth Paltrows' blog the other day, I got thinking and decided that my family would follow Sir Paul McCartney's lead, and stay away from meat on Mondays. For more information pop over to Goop for a short explanation, and a few recipes.
Here in the United States there is "Meatless Monday," and if you visit their site there are more recipes to be had. One step at a time...if we each make one little change in our lives it can make a huge impact, not to mention the health benefits.
SO! On the menu at my house tonight...I will put away that nice organic chicken for tomorrow, and am going to open a can of Trader Joe's Cuban Style black beans...saute up some garlic and onion, and add it in for extra flavour. Grate some sharp cheddar cheese, heat some tortillas and make bean burritos! I'll top them with some shredded cabbage, fresh salsa and avocado.
And there you go...relatively pain free (thanks Trader Joes...these beans are the best!), delicious and meat free. I am going to be researching some more creative meatless recipes for next Monday...
photo from Goop..Do
the launch of Meat Free Monday

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Proud Canadian I Am Today...Vancouver 2010

How proud I am of my heritage today... I really thought that last night's Olympic Opening ceremonies were incredible! The light show was simply mind blowing, and to me k.d. Lang rocked the house. Funny, the past few weeks I have been listening to her alot. I do hope that she comes out with another CD soon. And, I do think that Ralph Lauren's look really stood out in the crowd. I always enjoy the Winter Olympics, and am looking forward to the next few weeks.
my thoughts and prayers go to the friends and family of the Georgian luge competitor who passed away

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Furious Fuschia" Hits the Roads!

There was a time when I would have been first in line to own a car this colour...Fast and furious, mmm hmmm...
Celebrating 40 years, Dodge has come out with the Furious Fuschia Challenger. I expect the highways are going to get a little brighter...our music teacher at school just pulled in with a peacock blue Mustang, Diva that she is. It's about time the boring commutes brighten up!
Speeding is out of the question in a car like this however...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ralph Lauren Dresses the USA Olympic Team

The Olympics are coming! My sister lives in Vancouver, and the town is buzzing...It would be fun to be there, especially all decked out in Ralph Lauren's attire. I am off, however, to check out Roots Olympic line. Being Canadian I feel I should support my home teams.
Okay, checked it out...I prefer Ralph Lauren's Olympic look!

all photos from Ralph Lauren

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Great Italian Cookbook

On looks alone I ordered this will look fabulous on the wrought iron stand that my sister gave me for christmas! It does have some amazing credentials however...once I get it I will share any good recipes that come from it.
I just have to share that I am thrilled! I woke up today to see that one of my (Dolce Dreams) lavender eye pillows made it to Etsy's Front Page ...that is the third time that I have had an item on a Front Page Treasury curated by Etsy staff...but who's counting!
Off to celebrate...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All You Need Is {ETSY} Love...

Valentines is my all time number one holiday...Love everything about it! Kisses, romance, chocolate, sweets, lingerie, love in the air...
I am so thankful to the Etsy staff for including this lavender and flax seed eye pillow of mine in the Etsy Valentines Gift Guide... a little Etsy love goes a long way!

I also am currently in two Treasuries, which I am very grateful for...
xox to Lena
xox to Kristin

So many fun things to shop for...I will be doing my own little treasury of personal favourites in the next few days.

This sachet is in the Etsy "Mom" Gift Guide

Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael Jackson's Earth Song at The Grammy's

Wow, talk about amazing...I was so blown away at last night's performance of Micheal Jackson's "Earth Song" that had Celine Dion, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Smokey Robinson setting the stage on fire with Michael in 3-D.
Really truly amazing.
If you missed it, check it out on You Tube here...