Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm Back! Christmas at Bellagio in Las Vegas

The last day of school it is a little tradition for us to head over to Bellagio to view the stunning Christmas decor and have crepes at Jean-Philippe's. All of these Polar Bears are made entirely of white carnations...Exquisite! This year they had train sets with cameras cruising along, and then screens so you could wave at boys got a kick out of that!
Tomorrow I am off to view City Center...I'll be posting some photos, it looks simply divine! The center is so large it has it's own Fire Department, imagine that....


  1. So Beautiful!! I always love to see what they do for the different seasons at Bellagio. Thanks for sharing their gorgeous winter wonderland with us!

  2. Ooooh......I would love to see those carnations! Have a merry, merry Christmas and lots of fun with your family this season. Looks like you already are! XO

  3. Buon Natale to you too, Nathalie !!
    carnations ? oh my ...this is stunning !
    Have a wonderful time !!

  4. Oh I just loved all these decorations, carnations wow! What a nice tradition, sounds so lovely.


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