Sunday, October 25, 2009

Having a Blast behind a Mask

"Sonata", original art on wood in selahestelle's Etsy Shop

How fun it is to be unknown, the mystery behind the mask. I would love to be in Venezia for Carnivale, perhaps New Orleans... with Halloween coming up, it is the perfect time to adopt another persona, play a part. Once upon a time , I was Catwoman, and no one knew me (or at least they pretended they didn't!), and it was so much fun! These days I tend to wear the same witches hat every year, with blinking lights on it, a fuschia glitter broom, and fuschia talons on my nails. And whatever black outfit that fits that year... my boys have told me that that is very boring, so maybe I will hide behind a mask this year!
What masks have you worn?


  1. Ooo honey you should revist Catwoman, wow how good do you look!

    Love the spider's mask below the best!

  2. Great Catwoman outfit! Yeah, I agree with the last comment. Get that costume back out!! And have a fantastic Halloween!


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