Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gourmet, 68, Says Goodbye

I was so shocked to hear that Gourmet is folding... (also since I just sent in my renewal). An icon in the food world since 1941, it just does not seem right. I have pages and pages of torn recipes from Gourmet that are staples in my kitchen. Ruth Reichl, the editor, was the food critic for the Los Angeles Times back when I was working with Wolfgang Puck... the kitchen would stop when she would arrive, unannounced and ready to critique. She has authored many books, so perhaps that will be her permanent calling. I will definitely miss it's arrival in my mail box every month. And then another favourite mommy mag, Cookie, is also going...loved the articles and family recipes there. I guess magazines are becoming a thing of the past?, and perhaps it is up to the bloggers to carry on. Hmmm. I do know that there are many of you out there that I enjoy every bit as much as my favorite mags! Time to carry the torch.


  1. Shocked and saddened as well. Goumet? I was so bummed about Cookie, love it, but Gourmet? No way! Very sad.

  2. Oh that's sad, I loved some of the really old covers of Gourmet. Total pain that you just did the subscription too.

    ps thanks SO much for the great comments. Will check Sasha out. Yeah not sure how to download it either... goodluck ... Mr DJ helps me out too :o


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