Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Trip to Italy, Anyone?

Have I got your attention yet?

Damiani, the Italian Jeweller, in celebration of the launch of it's 85th Anniversary Gomitolo collection, is offering the ultimate gift with purchase...Invest in one of 85 numbered pave-diamond and multicolored-gemstone rings that take inspiration from 12 Italian cities, and you will receive a complimentary three-day trip to Italy (airfare and hotel included). You have until New Year's Eve to take your pick of bauble and city. I am all over this ...Italy and diamonds, delish!
prices start at $7,740
image from Town and Country
(at least this is still in business...)


  1. The rings are gorgeous, gosh the trip would be nice too. For the price of the ring I could stay way longer than 3 days though :o

  2. I am game too, not one to say no to such a fab visit and loveliness!

  3. perfect gift to go with a romantic ring purchase. Carla


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