Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alexander McQueen's New Pumps...OUCH!

My toes are tingling just looking at the latest from Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer fashion show in Paris. The more miles my poor little feet have gotten on them make them so much less forgiving when it comes to paying the price for fashion. I am not even sure if my 18 year old feet would have welcomed these. Did they bind the models toes?


  1. They are the ugliest shoes possible. Their poor feet, I'm with you, toes are tingling just looking at them .. he he.

    Thank you for a lovely week in blogging, have loved your support.

    Great day to you darling,

  2. Ha ha, they sure belong in a museum!
    Thanks for making me smile.

  3. These are not doing it for me I have to admit....Chinese binding springs to mind, xv.


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