Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Love of Maps

I love maps, and am saddened that in the modern world we have GPS'd our lives away from the joy of opening up a map and reading and tracking our routes. Obviously I am a romantic, not a techie.I try to surround my kids with globes and maps, fearful that they will become victims of their generation and have no knowledge of Geography.

Rachel Austen has come up with a really unique and beautiful use for all of those unused maps out there...her map paintings are so cool, I am very intrigued with them. Visit her Etsy shop to see more...she also does cards and jewelry.


  1. I love these illustrations with maps!
    I am just no good when it comes to finding my way with maps, but I have a very good sense of direction and intuition which I rely on completely. Has never failed me. "They" (you know...whoever THEY are!)say that women are not good with maps. Hmmmm. Maybe that is because we will stop and ask for directions when men will not....which gives them much more practice reading maps.

  2. That is so cute! I am a GPS girl as I am too much a birdbrain to read maps. But, I love the birds.

    And thank you, Nathalie!!! I got your GORGEOUS eye pillow. I am off to dream of Paris. Merci!!!

  3. These paintings are really beautiful. I love the image of the two birds on the swings. The use of maps adds to the story being told.


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