Friday, June 19, 2009

What Lies Behind These Gates in Malibu?

With entrances like these, you can only wonder what the Estates are like. Do they follow the style of design in the gate? It would be interesting to see!
For years I made the commute along Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica to "The Boo" to work at Granita, Wolfgang Puck's beach spot to the Malibu celebrities. Through mudslides, earthquakes, riots, and fires I went. Life is not boring in Malibu. With two ways in and two ways out, it is challenging to get there at times ( unless you have a helicopter). One of the most beautiful spots on Earth, all homes are at high risk when Nature goes wild. Enjoy every moment and soak in the beauty. The dolphin gates remind me of riding alongside the ocean on the bike path, stopping to watch the dolphin families that cruise along close to shore...what a treat!


  1. They are pretty wild gates....I agree I would love to see inside, xv.

  2. oh i'm sure life can't be boring in Malibu! would be nice to push some gates open and have a peep


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