Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Fun Foodie Gifts for The Summer

For those of us that do not have our own olive grove, but would love to have our very own harvest (Cuvee Nathalie???)... it is now possible! Thanks to Nudo, you can adopt your own olive tree on a hillside in Italy and they will ship you the fruits of your adoption, ready to partake. Sounds like alot of fun to me, and a great conversation starter. To start the adoption process, visit Nudo here.


  1. Have seen this idea before - only cheaper and in Spain

  2. how great !!! I really like this idea; and the packaging is lovely too.

    guess who has an olive tree in her garden .... ??? do you want to adopt it ? :)

  3. Oh yes I do!!! Will you name it after me too???
    p.s.I am green with envy....

  4. What a great idea...wish I had thought of that. I hope you are enjoying the weekend, xv.


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