Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten Years Goes by Quick...

I received my email update from Paris Hotel Boutique today ( I have WAY too many things on my wish list from there!), and came across this book...a little deja vu and OH yes... in September it will be ten years ago that I spent my wedding night here in a killer suite overlooking Sunset Boulevard. We were married in Hollywood, at the Wattles Mansion...very old, filled with history, and slightly run down and funky, just what we wanted in lieu of not dragging 120 people to Italy that we just HAD to have attend our wedding! It was incredible, a dream come true. We still worked for Wolfgang then, and he did all of the food, so you know it was great. Funny how one picture can pull you down memory lane. Where have those ten years gone? We are happy, two beautiful boys... I always expected that we would renew our vows at the Wattles for our tenth, and then take off to recreate our honeymoon with the boys, 21 days in Italy starting in Capri and finishing in Alba for white truffle season and the wonderful Medieval Festival that they have in October.
September is around the corner and I don't have our tickets yet...We'll see what happens!
If you want to see more great books and antiques, visit Paris Hotel Boutique.


  1. Great post. I ask myself every day where the years go. Too fast.

  2. This is so romantic...I do wish you make your way to Italy this coming autumn !
    Capri always made me dream...

    just looked at your profile and was wondering if you still sculpt alabaster

  3. I just started again...wish I were coming to Capri also!

  4. Ooohh Capri is magnificent! Stayed there for a few days with my husband and it's absolutely beautiful....So GO!! And yes, I know what you're talking about. Tomorrow we will be married 12 years...Have a great weekend, XXX, Carmie.

  5. Ohw...what have you done to me talking about this Paris Hotel's lovely!!!

  6. I would love a copy of this book as it is such an amazing place. What a venue to start your marriage - fantastic. I love the sound of all your forthcoming celebrations - perfection. Happy weekend, xv.


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