Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rediscovering Your Passions

Life gets so crazy, especially with school age children (actually any age children). It is so easy to forget about the things that feed your soul and inspire you and give life and energy. I sculpted for many years, with Stan Mock in Los Angeles. It was a huge passion of mine, that has lain dormant for 8 years. After going to Sharon Gainsburg's Studio last week, I have had an uncontrollable itch to dive into this stone that I've had sitting, staring at me for 10 years ( I think this quarry is even closed now). I finally finished my little makeshift work area in my yard, so when my husband said that he was taking the boys to a 51's Baseball Game friday night, I charged outside with my Ipod and went at it with gusto! Can I just say it was nice to just lose yourself in something that transports you...away...wherever you want or need to be. It made me remember how inportant it is to take that time for yourself.
I will periodically post the progress. I always had it in my mind that this stone was for my first son, Marcello, who is an Aries born in the Year of the Snake just like his mamma. And am thinking that I can get a Ram's head out of this piece of alabaster. We'll see.
Oh, I work all by hand, with the ol' hammer and chisels, so work does not go too quickly, but that is part of the joy (and lessons in patience).
my little motto for the day ...find an old passion , whatever it is, and enjoy!

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  1. How fantastic! I look forward to seeing how the piece progresses. You are such a renaissance woman who can do many things.


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