Friday, May 29, 2009

Have a Fun Filled Weekend!

Hope you have a great weekend... our dear friends are here and taking us out to the Beatles Show, "Love", which I have really been wanting to see since viewing parts of it on the Grammy's last year. There are simply too many shows to see here in Las Vegas... sigh. However it is the same for me as anyone else, as I live 45 minutes from "The Strip"...and going there is a trek not often taken. My kids get very excited when we do go there, saying "Wow, we are going to Las Vegas!" I don't bother correcting them that we live in Las Vegas. Just goes to show that there are worlds within worlds that often never cross paths. I have to say though that it is fun and exciting to be able to see every entertainer, star studded chef's restaurant , and designer boutique that you could dream of at any time you feel the need. I will be doing more exploring once my 5 year old is in school all day with his brother, and spend the odd days getting lost and wandering... with my walking shoes on, because there is alot to see!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dolce Dreams Inspirations

Here are the two major inspirations responsible for my little treasure, Dolce Dreams...
My beautiful, inspirational, supportive and talented Grandmother Eleanor, who taught me how to sew...and her Singer portable machine that she still loves!
Many of my pieces started out on this machine. It has a busy past, with many stories to tell, but is now retired and comes out only for a little exercise and show...
I have much gratitude in my heart for both of them!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Reasons to go to San Francisco

On May 10, the highly anticipated Rooftop Sculpture Garden opened at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. One of three reasons to go on top of the obvious...GORGEOUS city, great restaurants, culture, and some of my dearest friends... I am way overdue and have got to get on a plane soon!
The Lens of Rotterdam sculpture by artist Mario Merz
photo by jeff chiu

"No Pain" by artist Robert Arneson
photo jeff chiu

The Rainforests of The World at The Science Museum

The living 4 story Rainforests of the World at The Science Museum in Golden Gate Park looks incredible. I spent much of my childhood in San Francisco, and was in and out of the museums in Golden Gate Park. But there was nothing this cool then! My sons are going to love it here. Inside the balmy bio-dome it is as if you are in a real rainforest, surrounded by living plants and butterflies. I do hear that it is wise to purchase tickets ahead, to avoid the lines.

Exterior view of the bio-dome.

The Andy Warhol Exhibit at The De Young Museum

Self Portrait by Andy Warhol
The De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park is an entire day well spent. I have heard that the current Andy Warhol Exhibit is a must see.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

In memory and gratitude for all that have served our country, today and everyday.

American Flag at The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Washington, D.C.
photo by jcolman via flickr

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sometimes a Little Red Goes a Long Way...

Red is such a great jolt to perk up anyone's look... really all you need is one great accent, and the rest takes center stage. Perfect for the winter, in summer with a little tan. red is also a knock out. The great lines of this bag by Christine at morrisb really caught my eye... some great red lips and killer red pumps will ensure an evening to remember ( add a little black dress to fill in the backdrop...?). I have friends coming in from Dubai next weekend that are taking us out to see "Love," Cirque de Soleils tribute to The Beatles. I could see this ensemble as an option! The only problem I foresee is the long hike through the casinos in those pumps! My feet are not so forgiving anymore...

Francois Nars makeup is one of my favourites from my makeup artist days... Red Lizard is a great red that works on most skin tones.
With pumps like these from Christian Louboutin, you will definitely draw some attention! His website is so fabulous, well worth a visit...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten Years Goes by Quick...

I received my email update from Paris Hotel Boutique today ( I have WAY too many things on my wish list from there!), and came across this book...a little deja vu and OH yes... in September it will be ten years ago that I spent my wedding night here in a killer suite overlooking Sunset Boulevard. We were married in Hollywood, at the Wattles Mansion...very old, filled with history, and slightly run down and funky, just what we wanted in lieu of not dragging 120 people to Italy that we just HAD to have attend our wedding! It was incredible, a dream come true. We still worked for Wolfgang then, and he did all of the food, so you know it was great. Funny how one picture can pull you down memory lane. Where have those ten years gone? We are happy, two beautiful boys... I always expected that we would renew our vows at the Wattles for our tenth, and then take off to recreate our honeymoon with the boys, 21 days in Italy starting in Capri and finishing in Alba for white truffle season and the wonderful Medieval Festival that they have in October.
September is around the corner and I don't have our tickets yet...We'll see what happens!
If you want to see more great books and antiques, visit Paris Hotel Boutique.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Wonderful Reads to Take you Away this Weekend...

Since joining the world of blogging, I came upon "French Essence," Vicki Archers' lovely and inspiring blog. I am always so excited to see when she has made a new post. And then when I read that she had written a book, I had to have it. How appropriate that I received it for the weekend, when I have little pockets of time for reading. I cannot wait to dive in, it is such an exquisite coffee table book filled with enticements! I am going to have to have a slow go at it, so that I will enjoy every moment. Her writing is, as I stated, so pleasurable, and her story I can't wait to hear. Her collaboration with fellow Australian Carla Coulson as photographer is a perfect marriage. You can find her blog on my reading list to your right, and her book is available on Amazon.
This picture does no justice to the richness and beauty that this book holds. It is like a little treasure that you want to save, and only take a peek now and then. I can't wait to read about the woman who has captured the passion and "Joy" of Italy! Shall I also add that I will be living vicariously through Carla, as it was always my dream to pack up and move there, after many trips. And then I fell in love on home turf, and that was that! At least for now. You can read more about Carla Coulson on her blog, Carla Loves Photography (see my reading list). Her book is also available on Amazon.
Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend,

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Magic of Nature...through a Child's Eyes

I almost felt giddy when I glimpsed the first ladybug of the season in our yard. There is something so pure and magical about them, that I had completely forgotten about, until I had children, and watched how intrigued they would be for hours watching them, hoping that one would climb on their fingers and stay for a little while. I especially like their name in Italian... cocinelle.
I hope that all of you Mother's out there had a wonderful day yesterday, and took some time to enjoy the beauties of Spring. I didn't end up with anything on my "wish list, " but got something far better :) Lots of love!
Dolce Dreams

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mother's Day Wish List... with a Mission!

These would all be summer staples for me...and how nice to know that while
satisfying your own needs, (or wants!), you can also be contributing to a cause.
Gucci is donating 25% of each sale for this snakeskin trimmed tote to UNICEF.

Nanette Lepore's Helios tunic dress is so sexy... I would just like the long legs to go with it!
20% of the profits from this dress go to Global Green, which combats climate change.

Jamie Wolf, who left ballet to design jewelry, is donating 10% of proceeds to New York City Ballets New Combinations Fund... very delicate and so perfect for summer!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Warms My Heart...

I am always thrilled to see pictures of my loveys with little ones, it makes me so happy to see how comforting they are. This picture really got me going! My friend's son saw his doggy asleep and decided he would share his comfort lovey.... Simply adorable!
I hope he had a good nap...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Never Ending Question...What's For Dinner???

Ruth Reichl, the Editor -in -Chief at Gourmet Magazine and former Food Writer in NYC and LA has this new cookbook on her list of recommendations. Emily Franklin, mother of 4 kids under the age of 8, and a former chef, offers a year of family recipes (102 to be exact). I am always open to anything new to freshen up the old repertoire, and if she's got 4 little ones, I don't care if she's a chef, they have got to be pretty quick and easy-ish! I'm off to her website to order it now...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rediscovering Your Passions

Life gets so crazy, especially with school age children (actually any age children). It is so easy to forget about the things that feed your soul and inspire you and give life and energy. I sculpted for many years, with Stan Mock in Los Angeles. It was a huge passion of mine, that has lain dormant for 8 years. After going to Sharon Gainsburg's Studio last week, I have had an uncontrollable itch to dive into this stone that I've had sitting, staring at me for 10 years ( I think this quarry is even closed now). I finally finished my little makeshift work area in my yard, so when my husband said that he was taking the boys to a 51's Baseball Game friday night, I charged outside with my Ipod and went at it with gusto! Can I just say it was nice to just lose yourself in something that transports you...away...wherever you want or need to be. It made me remember how inportant it is to take that time for yourself.
I will periodically post the progress. I always had it in my mind that this stone was for my first son, Marcello, who is an Aries born in the Year of the Snake just like his mamma. And am thinking that I can get a Ram's head out of this piece of alabaster. We'll see.
Oh, I work all by hand, with the ol' hammer and chisels, so work does not go too quickly, but that is part of the joy (and lessons in patience).
my little motto for the day ...find an old passion , whatever it is, and enjoy!