Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Must Eats at Caesars Las Vegas

I spent much of the weekend at Caesars, as my son's Karate instructor, Hiroshi Allen, was hosting the USA Open Karate Championships & Junior Olympics. It was very exciting, with people from all over the world competing. As I made my way through Caesar's, I came upon a spot so stunning that I hadn't seen before. My friend Paul del Favero, the Chef at Mesa Grill (which is my all time No. 1 favourite spot to dine), told me that Beijing Noodle No. 9 was new, fresh in from Beijing to showcase some sophisticated Northern Chinese cuisine. I found the decor so fascinating and cool. Designed by a top Tokyo Design Firm, it has six central fish tanks filled with Ryukin goldfish that glisten and glimmer. The design is to resemble a silver on white contemporary bird's nest pattern, surrounding the diner in a surreal luminous environment. I was told that the food is delicious, and I am still dreaming about it! I checked out the dishes each time I passed and they look amazing... but the one day I had time to eat they were full. I'll be back soon, and will let you know my thoughts...


  1. Hey, that's beautiful and the food sounds delicious! I was just in Vegas for a really quick visit, but didn't get to Caesar's Palace. I want to check it out next time I am there (and the sweet shop too)!!

  2. Thanks Steve! Heard from another person how awesome the food was...


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