Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Phenomenal Sculptress Sharon Gainsburg

What an incredibly scintillating day I had yesterday. I have been wanting to stop by and check out Sharon Gainsburg's Sculpting Studio here in Las Vegas in the Arts District since she moved here a few years ago from the East Coast, but never found the time. I spoke on the phone with her, met her at The Art Expo, and dreamed of being able to partake in her sculpting classes ( I haven't sculpted in 8 years). She very graciously agreed to let my son Marcello's Second Grade class come in for a field trip, and was so incredibly inspiring and transforming in her communication with them. We were all in awe. The kids got to carve on alabaster stones, and take a small stone home. They are still talking about the best field trip ever. Somehow I have a feeling that 30 years from now they will still remember Sharon. If you are near Las Vegas, I highly recommend checking out her classes, her work, her wonderfully enchanting personality. Her studio is open on First Fridays, an Open House in the Arts District, to try your hand. She also does workshops in many different places in the world.
Read more about Sharon, see her work, and check out her schedules here.


  1. What a cool field trip idea! I wish we had gone somewhere so creative when I was in school.

  2. That's fantastic! Looks like a great place to spend the day to me.


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