Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fab Art at Trader Joes

Those that know me well know that I am addicted to Trader Joes, for years. I only agreed to move to Las Vegas from Santa Monica after finding out that there were multiple locations here. I always check out their new items, and more often than not they become a staple in our kitchen, thence my houseguests ( for those of you on the East Coast or abroad, Trader Joes is an amazing market with mainly organics, and alot of ready to go dishes that are fresh and frozen...and cost friendly to boot). So.... I was thrilled to see that the very talented Steve Haskamp from San Diego has 4 of his artistic creations available in card form there! I first saw them on his blog, and then bought a bunch to keep on hand when I was in the other day. For 99 cents, it is a great buy! Great quality paper, and how can you be anything but cheery with his bright use of colour...
You can also get his work here and here.


  1. I was so excited that they finally built a Trader Joes a few blocks from my Brooklyn apartment. The bad side was that we were moving in just a month. Talk about getting a girl addicted only to tearing it away. At least there's a Whole Foods up the road from me...

  2. Trader Joe's can make anything better. I love your About Me section. Very honest and true! Great blog.

  3. Thanks for featuring my cards!! I do love Trader Joe's and it would be tough to live somewhere without them.


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