Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dolce Dreams goes Fuschia....

I just had to share one of my newest creations in my all time favourite popping colour! If I were not outnumbered by males in my household, I would drape this gorgeous dupioni silk all over. I got this at the new cool fabric shop in Los Angeles called Mood Designer Fabric on Pico. The colour and quality of the silk is stunning. Watch out for more creations by Dolce Dreams in this shade. For now, I am stuffing my lingerie drawers and sweater bags with these. FYI, my sachets are flying out the door in anticipation for Mother's Day... a perfect little personal gift of love that doesn't break the bank.
Have a great day,


  1. The color of that fabric is stunning and the sachet you created with it is very pretty. I checked out your Etsy shop too! Very nice work!!

  2. Thank you visiting the Blushing Hostess and what a lovely blog you have! Adorable cloths as well - what fun! Be well, The Hostess


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