Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fab Art at Trader Joes

Those that know me well know that I am addicted to Trader Joes, for years. I only agreed to move to Las Vegas from Santa Monica after finding out that there were multiple locations here. I always check out their new items, and more often than not they become a staple in our kitchen, thence my houseguests ( for those of you on the East Coast or abroad, Trader Joes is an amazing market with mainly organics, and alot of ready to go dishes that are fresh and frozen...and cost friendly to boot). So.... I was thrilled to see that the very talented Steve Haskamp from San Diego has 4 of his artistic creations available in card form there! I first saw them on his blog, and then bought a bunch to keep on hand when I was in the other day. For 99 cents, it is a great buy! Great quality paper, and how can you be anything but cheery with his bright use of colour...
You can also get his work here and here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tracy Feith is Coming to Target...May 17

Surfer turned Designer Tracy Feith has designed a summer line of clothing for Target's "Go International" Line, which debuts in stores May 17...the collection is floral and ruffly, with a few modest pieces mixed in. Fun and light for the summer, at prices that won't hurt. Michelle Obama is a fan,and has been seen in one of his dresses. I will be there with bells on... any excuse to check out something new!
See you there... ( luckily we are not shy on the number of Targets here in LV...)
Michelle Obama in a dress by Tracy Feith at a National Prayer Service

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Pool Time Here in Vegas...

I plan on spending my weekend by our pool, now that our temps are at a beautiful dry desert heat of 85 to 90. Apparently Las Vegas and Dubai are not the only places in the world doing things over the top...Last month the San Alfonso del Mar Resort at Agarrobo, Chile, opened up what is now officially the Largest Pool in the World... more than 1000 yards long, covering 20 acres, it holds 66 million gallons of salt water, has a deep end that is 115 feet deep, and cost 1 Billion dollars to make. It's a good thing that they have been packed, since the yearly upkeep is about 2 Million dollars. I can only imagine trying to keep an eye on my kids in this pool!

Happy Weekend!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Phenomenal Sculptress Sharon Gainsburg

What an incredibly scintillating day I had yesterday. I have been wanting to stop by and check out Sharon Gainsburg's Sculpting Studio here in Las Vegas in the Arts District since she moved here a few years ago from the East Coast, but never found the time. I spoke on the phone with her, met her at The Art Expo, and dreamed of being able to partake in her sculpting classes ( I haven't sculpted in 8 years). She very graciously agreed to let my son Marcello's Second Grade class come in for a field trip, and was so incredibly inspiring and transforming in her communication with them. We were all in awe. The kids got to carve on alabaster stones, and take a small stone home. They are still talking about the best field trip ever. Somehow I have a feeling that 30 years from now they will still remember Sharon. If you are near Las Vegas, I highly recommend checking out her classes, her work, her wonderfully enchanting personality. Her studio is open on First Fridays, an Open House in the Arts District, to try your hand. She also does workshops in many different places in the world.
Read more about Sharon, see her work, and check out her schedules here.
An extremely captivated audience.

Sharon at work carving

"Red Rock Goddess" by Sharon Gainsburg

"Higher Love" by Sharon Gainsburg
"The understanding and appreciation of art is one of the resources for
people to tap into the feeling part of their being."

Sharon Gainsburg

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Luxurious Life of Letterpress

Letterpress is such a true art form, one that I admire and respect greatly. If I were able, I would only buy cards like this one from Greenwich Letterpress in NYC. Sisters Amy and Beth Salvini have a shop on Christopher Street, and use only soy based inks.

There are so many talented artists on Etsy, it is mind boggling. Here are just a few of my favourites that I have marked off for myself to buy from, that I thought I would share
with you.

And the Medieval Birthday Card is right up my alley.... love it!

The kamaiiana in me is crazy about these gorgeous cards!

Visit byvikINK here.

The Design and choice of colors by byvikINK must be inspired in part
by their location in Encinitas. I would be so happy to be the lucky
recipient of one on these cards!
Designs by SmockPaper in Upstate New York Rock! They are members of 1%
For The Planet, Donating 1% to the environment.

Also by SmockPaper, "Etienne" Thank you notes are stunning!
A great message by San Francisco's Lizardpress... Great colours...
Boys, you can get me this card!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Must Eats at Caesars Las Vegas

I spent much of the weekend at Caesars, as my son's Karate instructor, Hiroshi Allen, was hosting the USA Open Karate Championships & Junior Olympics. It was very exciting, with people from all over the world competing. As I made my way through Caesar's, I came upon a spot so stunning that I hadn't seen before. My friend Paul del Favero, the Chef at Mesa Grill (which is my all time No. 1 favourite spot to dine), told me that Beijing Noodle No. 9 was new, fresh in from Beijing to showcase some sophisticated Northern Chinese cuisine. I found the decor so fascinating and cool. Designed by a top Tokyo Design Firm, it has six central fish tanks filled with Ryukin goldfish that glisten and glimmer. The design is to resemble a silver on white contemporary bird's nest pattern, surrounding the diner in a surreal luminous environment. I was told that the food is delicious, and I am still dreaming about it! I checked out the dishes each time I passed and they look amazing... but the one day I had time to eat they were full. I'll be back soon, and will let you know my thoughts...
A Noodle Master hand tosses noodles in front of diners in the open kitchen. You can sit at the counter right in front there and watch the show, I imagine the most highly coveted seats in the house. Had there been a seat open, I would have eaten there in a heart beat.

Along the back wall, racks of colourful spice jars line the open kitchen, adding a complementary jolt of colour.

As I was passing Francois Payard's Patisserie, some friends called out to me and I was enticed to try some samples, which of course led to purchases ( how could you resist?). This elaborate clock in the middle of the shop dispenses chocolate truffles every 15 minutes.

All of the Easter Chocolates were on sale (lucky me...or my lucky boys I should say!). The best Easter basket they've ever had, full of Payard Chocolates... I even got a few nibbles in...

It is worth a trip to Caesars on my next special occasion to pick up a special dessert.... not only visually appealing, but simply divine in flavour! I am crazy about these macarons, could eat them daily in all colours of the rainbow...
Payard's Masterpiece Chocolates, named after the Great Art Masters, are almost too pretty to eat. What a gorgeous gift to give someone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Buona Pasqua

To You and Yours..... Have a Lovely and Blessed Day!

- must run, i've got eggs to hide!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Gift Ideas....

Today is my Birthday!!! I would be thrilled to unwrap one of these delicious baubles... so colorful and popping and fun... hint hint. Actually anything in the famous Tiffany and Co. Blue would be a delight. I have not visited the shops here in Vegas, but love to meander through the shop on Rodeo Drive in LA, and of course NYC was completely amazing and a thrill a minute. For the meantime, I just love getting my catalogs in the mail and feasting my eyes...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

An Easy, Exquisite Meal

We love food in our house, and are very picky from our restaurant background. But when the days are full, homework is going on, and there isn't always time to do a 5 course meal with food and wine pairings (those days are pretty much gone!)... I am always on the lookout for recipes that are quick and easy but satisfy the gourmand. I tried this recipe last night, for the Provencal Chicken, and it really knocked our socks off. By the time it was finished, the natural juices had culminated in a sauce that tasted like there was a pound of butter in it... DELISH!
I added some Italian herbs, fennel seed, grilled eggplant, used a whole (small) jar of chopped sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, and used small organic Yukon Gold potatoes, halved.
This is definitely in our house repertoire now. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dolce Dreams goes Fuschia....

I just had to share one of my newest creations in my all time favourite popping colour! If I were not outnumbered by males in my household, I would drape this gorgeous dupioni silk all over. I got this at the new cool fabric shop in Los Angeles called Mood Designer Fabric on Pico. The colour and quality of the silk is stunning. Watch out for more creations by Dolce Dreams in this shade. For now, I am stuffing my lingerie drawers and sweater bags with these. FYI, my sachets are flying out the door in anticipation for Mother's Day... a perfect little personal gift of love that doesn't break the bank.
Have a great day,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thought For The Day....

" Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about CREATING YOURSELF"
Take this one and run!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make Your Spring Cleaning Chic and Green

This incredibly cool Scrub N Suds Apron
really wants me to get going on my Spring Cleaning... Some great music, this, an empty house ( boys are out golfing ), and I could really get alot done! I am a total clean freak, so much so that I get books like Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson, and Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean by Linda Cobb as gifts. Recently, a few years ago, I did the big switch over to products that are kinder to our environment, trying to do my part. I went through quite a few different products, as I am pretty picky, and now have my staples that I love. Sooo... on this fresh and fun cleaning day, I thought I would share a few of them with you all!
Happy Cleaning...............Nathalie
I have this by all of my sinks, and am constantly asked by guests where I got it. The scent is heavenly, but it works, without being too drying. I buy Mrs. Meyers at Cost Plus and Whole Foods, online you can find it here.
An all time staple in my kitchen, the lemon verbena scent overpowers any strong odors that linger. I use mine on my chopping board and sink.

Makes doing dishes almost a relaxing experience!
The divine Geranium scent really lingers after using this stainless cleaner! I use the Stainless microfiber cloths by Method with this, and it really gets as close to streak free results as you can get.

This lavender scent is so fresh and pure... a perfect compliment to the Ecos Lavender Detergent.

You cannot go wrong with anything by Method, and the packaging and scent choices rock! I have found their toilet bowl cleaner to work the best for me, and the eucalyptus scent seems right in the bathroom. I get Method at Target.
For a green laundry detergent, this is powerful! And lasts too. With scents like Magnolia & Lilies, Lavender, and Lemongrass, it is a winner. I get mine at Whole Foods, but you can find it online here.
An oldie but a goodie! I hadn't used this in years, but after reading about it tried it again and was shocked at how crisp my whites looked, and how bright my colors stayed. Mind you, with two boys I do a ton of DIRTY laundry, so I am a great candidate. Gave this as a gift to a few finicky friends who were also blown away. I get mine at Target, but you can find it online here.

This is hands down the best glass cleaner, virtually streak free. I buy mine at Cost Plus, but you can find it online here.