Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is What I Have Been Busy Doing...

Life has been busy for Dolce Dreams, and I have been blessed with many orders...alot of them new and custom pieces, so keep an eye out!
Image from Box of Crayons

Have a great week-end,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Joys of Creating and Reaping a Vegetable Garden

Last year we built a large garden box and started our first vegetable garden (yes, surprisingly some veggies do very well here in the Las Vegas desert). It was alot of fun and a great family project. And nothing tastes as good as something that you have grown yourself. We are currently coming into Spring, with temperatures in the 80's, and got our seeds in the ground a few weeks ago. I look forward to doing a book like this one from Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord with my kids. You can see more of her great book ideas here.

HOT! and Spicy, with some beautiful colors to admire...

When your produce is grown at home, the difference in flavour is astonishing... our carrots were sugary sweet! The greens are great to juice.

One of the best pastas I've ever had is linguini sauteed with olive oil, onions, swiss chard, red pepper flakes and a fried egg on top, then some grated parmigiano cheese. Such an incredible combination of flavours! We were so lucky with our swiss chard crop last year, we're on our third harvest and it is still thriving.

I put Basil in everything..... love the aroma!

Cherry tomatoes were a big success for us last year.

Arugula is a favourite in our kitchen. This is our first time planting it here, I hope it does well! Toss it with some balsamic vinegar and serve it alongside grilled chicken, fish or steak, with fresh tomatoes.... Sprinkle some on top of a fresh and crusty cheese and mushroom pizza.... or throw in with some pasta aglio olio at the last minute for that fresh and peppery flavor! I sure hope we get a big crop... Gardens are alot of fun!
Pumpkins are very successful here... hopefully we will have our timing right for the Fall!

All vegetable photos from Gurneys Seed and Nursery

Monday, March 9, 2009

Taking Time For Tea...

This teapot from the renowned Franz Collection at Dapper Frog really sets the mood for a lovely afternoon. Sometimes there is nothing like relaxing over a cup of tea to recharge your soul. Some of my favorite spots that I have truly enjoyed a great cup were at Babington's in Rome, The Florian in Venice, and Laduree in Paris. And of course in my own home, with a good book.

"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things"
- Chaim Potok

"While there's tea there's hope"
- Sir Arthur Pinero

"A good woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
Harney and Sons Fine Teas are so sublime...
Delicious to drink and a perfect Hostess gift to give.
Get them here.
The packaging is so regal and impressive! I first found these at the Spa at
Red Rock Hotel, and have been enamored ever since...
Manhattan-based Eleni's gorgeous cookies look too good to eat! I have tried my hardest to decorate cookies like these, and it is not easy at all... It is well worth the price to order them and have them shipped. You can buy them
How divine any presentation will be when served on this stunning platter that is a reinterpretation of 12th-century Rajasthani textiles
created by chef Suvir Saran and Wade Ceramics.
Artisanal honeys are such a delicacy, and something I love to bring back from travels. Each region produces different fruits and flowers, creating amazing and unique flavor profiles of the honey. I can't wait to taste these honeys from Alili. Produced in the Atlas mountains in Morocco, flavors like Carob Seed, Lavender Flower and Jujube sound like such an enticing accompaniment to Tea. Buy them here.

Seen first in Town and Country........

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Little Inspiration for a Lovely Weekend

Visit Paper Moth Illustration here.

Have a beautiful weekend, and whatever you are doing,
enjoy and be in the moment!


Lilly and Coco offers a great mantra in a rainbow of colors...
Get them here.
Visit Studio Mela for more inspiration here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Classic Silhouette Re-Visited

I have always liked the classic black and white silhouettes, and would love an entire wall of them like this... sofa, dress, and all. But of late I have come across such wonderfully fresh modern and hip takes on the old classic. I just had to share ! The last is if you have a steady hand and lots of patience tied in....

Monpetitfantome brings modernism into the classic silhouette. I love the whimsy and theatric ensembles that are put together...Tres jolie! See more here.
Jenny Lee Fowler is so customized in her natural silhouettes, you can even choose your own leaf of preference for your silhouette... She also has beautiful bark silhouettes. How creative and unique...see more of her work here.

For the creative do -it -yourselfers... this could be fun!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Power of Love Fundraiser with Siegfried and Roy's Final Performance

I have been a bad blogger gal, but I have reasons! Lots and lots of orders for Dolce Dreams keeping me busy, and then I also had the BIG EVENT to prepare for... outfit, hair, makeup...babysitter! This is an annual fundraiser for the Lou Ruvo Alzheimer' Foundation which is being built here in Las Vegas, with the building an incredible creation by Frank Gehry. An incredible event it was, over the top and exquisite decor...lithe young women painted to resemble the infamous white tigers, pouncing around with bottles of Dom Perignon to fill your glass. An amazing assemblage of auction items, both silent and live. Amazing meal by infamous chefs Wolfgang Puck and Todd English, and to die for desserts by Jean- Philippe Maury. And then the much awaited and rehearsed Farewell performance by Siegfried and Roy. A miracle. Had I known that it was "Montecore" up there feet away from me, with no leash, no cage, I think I would have jumped 100 feet!
A really great night, which you can see more of this coming Friday March 6 on the 20 20 show if you are interested.

picture courtesy of Curtis Dahl Photography